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Thread: A reintroduction.

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    A reintroduction.

    Hello. I highly doubt anyone remembers me but I thought I'd reintroduce myself as it's been a while since I was here.

    I've kept away from pet-related forum for years due to bad experiences on a few in the past, and when I joined here I was in a bad mental state. I was hesitant to be part of another forum so I left before I'd really settled in. Earlier today, however, I was curious if I could attempt it again. So, I've decided to try it out with the last forum I remember being part of, this one.

    Back when I joined here, I'd just taken on a trio of guinea pigs that'd been used carelessly for breeding by a young girl who had no idea what she was doing and had absolutely no experience with guinea pigs to begin with. Two of the piggies were pregnant and the third was the father, and I took all of them so they wouldn't be sold onto anyone else and be bred from. They all went to good homes in the end, except the father stayed with me with one of his sons.

    In the past 5 years, I've taken on more, lost a few, and some went to new homes elsewhere during the time I was running a little hobby rescue. Sadly, that didn't last, so the ones in my care stayed with me.

    My experience with guinea pigs spans over 20 years, over 50 piggies, and there have been lots of mistakes that I've learnt from along the way. The years I've kept them doesn't mean much though as I'm certainly not a perfect owner, but it has meant that dealing with anything to do with them is second nature to me now, and my approach to pet keeping is quite laid-back compared to others.

    My current piggies:

    In 2013, a woman contacted me and asked if I could take on her sows, and so Phoebe came to me with her two daughters, Amy and Sabina. A year later I adopted my friend's sow, Gigi, who was about Phoebe's age, and I bonded her with the trio. They took a while to get used to each other, with Phoebe and Gigi both wanting to be 'top pig', but they settled in the end and those two became inseparable. In 2016 and 2017 I lost both daughters and Gigi, but Phoebe's just turned 6 and still going strong. She has a very sweet personality, and is very chatty. When Gigi passed away, I was worried about her being alone, having lived in a group for so long, but she's absolutely fine, and she's got my boars living around her so she's not completely alone.

    Also in 2013, I got Jesse, who was from a woman who was downsizing her rescue and needed someone to take him and his cage-mate (possibly his brother) Toren, so I helped her find them a home and took them for the time being. They were about 12 weeks old and were very skittish, but Jesse settled down while Toren continued to be very nervous. Despite this, I managed to find them a home with a lovely family near me who were new piggy owners but very cautious and patient with Toren. Unfortunately about a year later they had to come back to me because the mother of the family became allergic to them. Then, another year after that, Toren passed away suddenly, but Jesse's still fighting fit, and is one of the most cuddliest, friendliest piggies I've ever known.

    Bear was the son of the boar I spoke of above. He was born early in the morning along with his 3 siblings (and a stillborn) in the August of 2012. He's a big, chunky boy who doesn't mind a cuddle on his own terms, and will occasionally have a little chat with me, but despite being handled almost daily since his birth, he's still very timid and prefers being left alone. As I said above, all his siblings and his mum (and the other sow) all were adopted out, and I no longer keep in contact with their new owners so I'm not sure if any are alive still, but I really hope some are. Sadly, Bear's dad passed away in 2014.

    I'm not sure when I got Kasy and Milton but I think it was mid-late 2013. They must be roughly 4-5 now as they were at least a year old when I got them. I also think they're nephew and uncle, if I remember rightly. They were from a young girl who'd become disinterested with breeding her guinea pigs and didn't want them anymore. They were both painfully skittish when I got them, and Kasy literally jumped from my grip when I first met them. They're now a lot more comfortable with handling, but they prefer to keep to themselves so I respect that. Milton, however, will chat away to himself quite often, while Kasy's the quiet one. Unfortunately they had a fight a year or two ago so they no long live together. Even though their characters are shielded by their nerves, they are both very sweet boys, and very patient when I need to deal with them.

    I got Huxley and Digby in 2014 from a woman who got them from an auction. They're roughly 4-5 years old now. Digby's had some health issues lately which meant surgery the other day, but he's doing absolutely fine; he's been so patient these past few days being given his medicines and painkillers and eye drops. Huxley's always been the boss of the two, but Digby's always been the most confident with me, to the point that while I'm doing their hutch, he'll trot over to the middle of the day area and wait to be given a bit of grass. He has a lovely little character. So does Huxley, but he'd rather just be left alone though. Unlike above, they do still live together.

    About me: as well as piggies, I have 3 rabbits and a goldfish. I adore a variety of music, I enjoy writing, drawing, photography, documentaries about science/space/nature, thunderstorms, Doctor Who, watching some YouTubers, playing a few games online and walking/cycling where I live. Also, I have social anxiety disorder so if anyone contacts me and I don't reply, please don't be offended.

    I hope I'm able to give good advice here and possibly learn some things too.

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    Re: A reintroduction.

    Welcome, or should I say, welcome back? Regardless, it's nice to have you here. Thank you for the introduction to yourself, and your piggies.

    This is the best place for all things piggie, and you'll find plenty of people just as cavy crazy here.



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