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Thread: Lots of farts and little poop.

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    Lots of farts and little poop.

    My guinea pig hasn't been pooping much since the last 3 days. My vet told me to be patient about it since she wasn't having trouble passing urine and since her poops hadn't stopped altogether. Now, since yesterday night she has begun farting. Is it a good sign, a sign of her gas clearing? Or it is bad and I should be concerned? Her eating hasn't reduced one bit even with the drop in pooping levels. Other than that she has been as cheerful as she was before this happened. What should my course of action be now? Attaching a picture as well. Is it a bloat?

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    Re: Lots of farts and little poop.

    Quote Originally Posted by parekhmanan28 View Post
    Is it a bloat?
    It's entirely possible. However, I have had no experience with bloat.

    It may be simple gas and I recommend that you attempt to resolve that right away. Go to a drug store/pharmacy and get a bottle of simethicone which is often marketed as "childrens gas relief drops". Give her an entire dropper-full and then a second one later in the day. If it is just gas, she will probably be better within 48 hours. If it isn't gas, the drops won't hurt her. I believe that these drops should be a staple in every owner's piggy medicine chest. They have saved me more than one trip to a Vet.



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