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Thread: cage set up info

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    cage set up info

    Hi i'm looking into adopting a pair of piggys in the future and i have a question about the bedding for the cage. I'm looking into some c&c cages and was wondering what is the best bedding to use.

    Care fresh?
    Wood shavings?

    If i use care fresh or wood shavings would i need to put it all over the cage or just part of it?

    If i use fleece what is the best brand and where do i get it? How would i make it so that it doesn't leak and make a mess?

    Do i need a combo of care fresh or wood shavings with fleece?

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    Re: cage set up info

    Welcome to GPC! Glad you are researching before adopting.

    Best bedding is kind of a personal preference. My favorite is fleece for most part of the cage, and disposable bedding in a tray. The tray is the feeding area. This also helps catching hay from sticking to fleece. I use paper pellets in the tray.

    If you use carefresh or wood shavings, you still need to put in the whole cage. If you don't they can be walking around in their own urine.

    Fleece is available at fabric stores like Joann and Hancock. I like Joann's blizzard fleece.

    You will need to use absorbent layers under your fleece. You need to prep fleece to allow liquid to go through to the absorbent layer, and the top will stay dry.

    See these threads for more info on bedding:



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