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Thread: Guinea Pigs In High Humidity?

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    Guinea Pigs In High Humidity?

    Newbie back with a question. I don't have guinea pigs yet; just researching until I buy my house next year. In addition to possibly getting guinea pigs, I'll be getting turtles and tortoises again. I've been planning an environment in a greenhouse as the turtles/torts I'm interested in are very tropical. If the house I'm hoping to buy is still for sale next year, then I'll have room for a 50'x40' greenhouse. If not, there are plenty of houses in the same area with huge lots in my price range. It's an old area with turn-of-the-century houses. Those familiar with real estate know how big those lots can get.

    Anyway... The greenhouse will have to be predator secure to protect the turtles/torts as they will be living in there full time (with the possibility of being brought in under special circumstances). I'm planning on having most but not all of the greenhouse as pens for the reptiles. There should be enough space down the middle for a 10'-12' aisle as well as left over space where there aren't pens. Even if I fill up that space and just leave the aisle, I'll have a 10'x50' to 12'x50' space.

    The greenhouse will be my own little piece of the Congo, so the humidity will be 80-85%. If I were to let the pigs into the greenhouse for running around time and mental stimulation, do you think the humidity would be too much for them? Please note that I will not be housing them in the greenhouse permenantly but I may have an outdoor shed/chicken coop-like building for them to have safe outdoor time. The greenhouse, if safe humidity wise, would just be another area for them to explore a few times a week. All plants would be in the reptile pens or on tables out of reach, so they would pretty much just have a huge empty, dirt-smelling space to explore.

    So, would 80-85% humidity be okay for a few hours a week as long as they are supervised?

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    Re: Guinea Pigs In High Humidity?

    Others may have more specific answers, but my initial reaction is that I wouldn't even consider it. Remember that cavies are wearing a fur coat and they don't deal well with heat, especially a combination of heat and humidity. They are easily susceptible to heat stroke which can be deadly.

    We had a cavy who died in a tragic accident where he was left in a hot car during the first hot day of summer. He suffered heat stroke with neurologic damage including blindness. He passed away within 24 hours following the incident. I don't ever want to repeat the experience of that ride to the hospital with him barely moving and then the nervous waiting.....only to hear the bad news and having him die in my arms in the middle of the night.

    Sorry for the drama but I simply would like others to be aware of what can possibly happen. As I said, someone may come along who has more specific experience with high humidity. It sounds like a lovely space, but I simply wouldn't risk it for cavies.

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    Re: Guinea Pigs In High Humidity?

    I agree with [MENTION=19714]spy9doc[/MENTION]. The heat will be more of a problem than the humidity, but the combination of the two could well be deadly for a guinea pig. They really do much better in cooler temperatures than in warmer ones.

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    Re: Guinea Pigs In High Humidity?

    That's why I asked. Thank you.



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