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    can someone tell me what to do about this staining in the ramp area? it?s as clean as i can while scrubbing by hand.
    should i unfold it and power wash? and how do i prevent this from happening and also prevent all the bedding in that area from going down the ramp? thank you

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    Re: staining

    Wipe it down with bleach?

    I personally wouldn't worry about it.

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    Re: staining

    Soak a piece of paper towel with white vinegar. Put on top of the stain. Let it sit for a while, then wipe it up.

    To prevent bedding going down the ramp, you can add one inch lip to the opening of the ramp. You can use wood or a piece of coroplast.

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    Re: staining

    Quote Originally Posted by waterbreathinq View Post
    should i unfold it and power wash?
    I would NOT recommend that anyone power wash their coro! I did that a few years ago when I was enlarging the cage and wanted to use the existing coroplast "box". The water gets in the flutes of the coro and it's almost impossible to get it out. I had to stand the coro on edge to permit it to drain, and then leave it out in the sun for a couple of days to take advantage of the heat to internally dry it.

    If you want to power wash, then I would wait until hot weather to do so for obvious reasons. I would suggest that you lay a paper towel over the area, soak it with bleach, and let it sit for a few hours......then take a brush to the area. Perhaps finish off by wiping with a mixture of vinegar and water.

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    Re: staining

    I second vinegar! Distilled white vinegar works wonders on piggy messes.



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