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Thread: May the winds safely fly her home.

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    Unhappy May the winds safely fly her home.

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    Knowing I could no longer take care of her, and knowing she'd bonded with my friend's animals, I decided to give her into the care of said friends. Earlier this morning, they told me she was happy one minute, and the next, she was gone. I don't know what happened, she actually was sneezing a bit, but... I dunno. I just feel so... guilty, I guess is the word. I was being honest with myself in knowing I couldn't care for her anymore and tried to think of the best solution.
    I don't think I'll be getting another therapy pet anytime soon. I'm at that point where maybe I wasn't meant to have one... among other depressing thoughts.
    Thanks, guys, for all the years of support and fun. I'll still be here..

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    Re: May the winds safely fly her home.

    [MENTION=41150]KiraD[/MENTION] .....

    I'm so sorry. It must hurt so much to know that you've lost her, in essence, twice.

    I'm sure she knew you loved her. You loved her enough to let her go to a home where she would also be loved, and have what she needed.

    Rest in peace, Princess. Go and find all your new friends at the Rainbow Bridge, and eat whatever delicious greens you find.



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