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Thread: Ringworm?

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    Has anyone dealt with ringworm on their guinea pigs? I am pretty sure that this is what one of our new piggies has. It is spreading on her face despite treating it with anti-fungal cream. I had assumed that since we've had the guinea pigs for a little over a month, that we would be free of any problems. So far, we have been using aspen shavings and I change this every other day and have bleached the cage twice since the ringworm appeared on her face 9 days ago. I apply anti-fungal cream twice daily. She has a had a bath with dandruff shampoo. We hold her in a towel when we have lap time and pet her through the towel so that she doesn't lose out on socialization. We use the hand towel once then wash with bleach and hot water. Does anyone have any further advice or suggestions?

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    Re: Ringworm?

    What cream are you using?

    If a good antifungal cream hasn't worked, I'd try a triple antibiotic. It may not be a fungus at all.

    You can get a triple antibiotic at any pharmacy. Just apply it very sparingly with a q-tip, and rub it in well. You don't want her to be able to eat any of it.

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    Re: Ringworm?

    Thank you for the tip. I have been mixing Neosporin and Lotrimin Ultra and spreading it on the area. I figured one would stop the fungus and one would help heal. Maybe I need to be more patient?

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    Re: Ringworm?

    How long have you been applying it? A fungus can be hard to get rid of, and it can take several days for the hair to start to grow back. But the spot should stop spreading pretty quickly if the medication is working.

    There's no need to mix them. They're similar medications, and either should be effective.

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    Re: Ringworm?

    I have been applying twice daily for approximately 5 days. She still seems to be losing hair in that area and the patch stretches from under her eye back to her ear. I will post a current photo when I get home from work later this evening.

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    Re: Ringworm?

    Then I'd switch to the triple antibiotic and see if that helps. If it doesn't, you may need a prescription antifungal to get something strong enough to treat it.



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