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    We recently got guinea pigs for our two daughters...and I got one too. So I am a new pig mom to three adorable guinea pigs. They are all very different and fun. First up there is Spotapottamus Rex ("Spot", "Spotnik") who is a Rex, black, white and red. Next there is Miss Grumperscotch who is a dainty English Crested with agouti and butterscotch coloring. Her crest makes her look a little grumpy, but she is actually the sweetest of the three. Last there is Mimi the Swirly Pig who is a fluffy black, white and red Abyssinian. She is a bit of a snot do-it-my-way-or-I-nip-you sort of gal, but through lots of error I have been getting to know her and we are becoming friends. It is such a treat when they all purr and play around us in their play area during floor time. I never expected such bonds with them, but am greatly looking forward to all the years we will be spending with these little gals!

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    Welcome to the Forum! You are well on your way to becoming one of us.......a Cavy Slave. BTW, nice intro!



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