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Thread: My guinea pig cage stinks so bad plaese help!!

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    My guinea pig cage stinks so bad plaese help!!

    Hey guys so I got guinea pigs a while back probably like 3 months ago they are two female piggies and I cannot seem to get there cage to smell clean I have a big cage setup in my room. And they have fleece bedding I was looking up how to get rid of smell so first I clean it out and spray it with a water vinegar solution wipe it out and next I sprinkle some baking soda all over the bottom of the cage and then puppy pads and then there fleece. For a while I did towels and a puppy pads but the towels just held all the moisture and stink and it was worse. So now I just do puppy pads and then fleece. I spot clean everyday and keep their cage as tidy as possible But I have tried everything that I can find and there pee still smells so bad it stinks up the whole house. They are on a healthy diet and eat all the right things too. Please help I don't know what else to do

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    Re: My guinea pig cage stinks so bad plaese help!!

    It sounds as though you are well-intentioned but could use some tweaks to your current setup.

    So you discovered how nasty towels can smell when a part of your cage setup? Towels and wet newspaper are the worst! Since you have the cage in your room, you obviously need to find a solution. Here are some random thoughts:

    1) Is your cage large enough for the two sows? If not, they may spray urine on each other.

    2) Do you have a litter box in the cage? Get a kitten litter pan and put a layer of litter (I like Petco So-Phresh brand) in the box. I then put a layer of hay over the litter. My boys have a litterbox both in the loft and on the main level. They love being able to do two things at it so much that they will often sleep in the litter box. Be sure the litter pan is large enough for an adult cavy to stretch out in.

    3) I ceased using puppy pads because of several issues: repeat waste and not kind to the environment, limited absorbance, and the boys are obsessed with chewing the blue plastic on the pads. I began using incontinence pads and have never looked back. They are long lasting and wash well.

    4) You need an air purifier! I absolutely love my Homedics which has been running 24/7 for at least 7 years. It is not inexpensive, but so worth the investment. I brush the filter monthly and replace it yearly. You may be able to purchase it from BBB with a 20% off coupon. My cavy cage is in my small home office which is also where my clothes closet is and it is definitely not the place to have nasty odors.

    5) What do you use as an absorbent layer under the fleece? The absolute favorite of most of us here in the Forum are uHaul pads which are inexpensive, very large, and are superb at absorbing urine. Many of us make fleece liners with a layer of fleece on each side encasing the uHaul pad in the middle. The pad will last longer if it is enclosed in the fleece.

    6) Wash your cage items in something like All Free & Clear and Oxyclean (or Boraxo). About every third wash, use bleach instead of the Oxyclean. I do a second rinse with lots of vinegar thrown in.

    Here are some links for you:

    So Phresh

    Incontinence pads: (34" x 36") (35" x 80")


    Hopefully others will have some suggestions for you.



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