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Thread: Cuddling and teeth clicking?

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    Question Cuddling and teeth clicking?

    Princess is a cool cavvy.. she's wonderful. I've finally managed to get her to cuddle in one of my old T-shirts. Thing is, she loves to cuddle, but she clicks her teeth. It's not her breathing or anything, my neighbor has a brother who is a vet and gave her a clean bill of health, even trimmed her nails for me.

    I'm just wondering if she's upset with me about something. I mean, she's booped noses with me and actually snuggles into my arms, I just don't want her upset with me over something I'm unknowingly doing wrong.

    Any advice?

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    Re: Cuddling and teeth clicking?

    Yeah. Don't worry about it. If she wanted to get down, she'd let you know.

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    Re: Cuddling and teeth clicking?

    Yeah, it took my neighbors with experience to show me what I was doing wrong with her... Now I'm definitely trying to make up for all my wrongdoings. Gotta find a cuddle bag so I can snuggle with her while I'm on my computer, writing my books.

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    Re: Cuddling and teeth clicking?

    Quote Originally Posted by KiraD View Post
    Thing is, she loves to cuddle, but she clicks her teeth
    Don't worry about it. My Chip is a high-strung little man and will sometimes click his teeth when annoyed.....and, at other times, for no apparent reason. It's just something they do.



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