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Thread: Introductions - URI

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    Introductions - URI

    After the passing of one of my GPs we adopted a new GP, Philipe before Christmas to be a buddy to my existing GP, Chewie. We've been keeping the two in separate cages through the quarantine period and really want to start the introduction process. HOWEVER Chewie has been fighting a URI for months - I've been to the Vet, we're on our second round of antibiotics and I've changed to waiver cut hay incase it was the dust that was bothering him but the wheezing/sneezing and runny nose continues.

    My Vet says to hold off on introductions until Chewie is healthier, but lately we've been catching the two of them 'talking' to one another - they're in the same room on opposite sides of the room. They get really excited racing around their cages and it makes me think that since it's been a month they want to meet one another and not be alone in their cage.

    Has anyone gone through a URI lasting this long?

    Has anyone done an introduction when their GP has a URI? I agree the GPs being introduced should be 100% healthy. My Vet has said we should wait a few more days of antibiotics and then we could probably introduce, but I do not want to stress out Chewie.

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    Re: Introductions - URI

    Having cavies in the same room is NOT a quarantine! A realistic quarantine would be to have them in separate rooms away from each other. To my knowledge, if they have been in the same room then you may as well go ahead and introduce them because respiratory infections are spread via airborne pathogens and Phillipe has already been exposed.

    A URI shouldn't linger for months and would likely have grown much worse than the symptoms you describe. It makes me wonder if it is indeed a URI......or an allergy. Why don't you try using orchard grass instead of hay? If you are in the US, then also consider trying bluegrass as it doesn't seem to provoke an allergic reaction in humans. You can (I think) order a sample size of both from KMS hayloft to try.

    If you switch hay/grass, then you need to completely clean and sanitize the cage and everything in it. Plus you need to bathe the piggies because the spores from the hay get trapped in their fur and are carried from one place to another.......and transferred to you as well.

    I would also consider having Chewie evaluated by a different Vet. I'm fortunate enough to have three good cavy-savvy Vets in my area and I sometimes see different ones for different conditions. For instance, I would only consider one of these vets to perform a neuter. The other two are quite fine for everyday cavy health.

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    Re: Introductions - URI

    Thank you very much for this information. I've been debating if it's an allergy. Just for history they were quarantined in separate rooms for three weeks before we moved Philippe into the same room and we did heavy hand washing to prevent any contamination.



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