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Thread: Are these OK?

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    Are these OK?

    Not much on offer in the way of grids here in Australia. Wondering if these are OK.

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    Re: Are these OK?

    It depends on how large the holes are in the grids. The "safe" grids in the US have nine holes across, these only have seven. That might be OK if the grids are smaller than the ones here (14 inches). You just need for the holes to be too small for an adult pig to get their head stuck.

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    Re: Are these OK?

    I looked at all the photos. Those are 8x8 squares across. They're the regular size 14" x 14", so they're not safe to use.

    If you build a cage with them, you can use plexiglass to block the holes, or make taller coroplast walls.



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