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Thread: Guinea pigs don't like Vitamin C tablets

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    Guinea pigs don't like Vitamin C tablets

    Hi everyone,
    I'm new here. I just adopted two female guinea pigs about a month ago, Daisy and Buttercup. I've tried feeding them the Oxbow vitamin C tablet along with their regular diet of Oxbow pellets, fresh veggies, and Timothy hay, however they will not eat the vitamin C tablets. I bought some children's chewable vitamin C in orange flavor which they will not touch either. I even tried crushing the vitamin and sprinkling it on a veggie, but they wouldn't eat the veggie with the vitamin c sprinkled on. I brought them to an exotic vet just for a regular check-up and the vet suggested yogurt drops, as more guinea pigs seem to like them. When doing my initial research about guinea pigs before adopting, I remember reading that the yogurt drops are very bad for them. Should I get the yogurt drops or just not worry about giving any extra vitamin C right now as they are healthy? Any help is appreciated!

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    Re: Guinea pigs don't like Vitamin C tablets

    They don't need supplemental vitamin C if you'r giving them Oxbow pellets and veggies high in vitamin C, such as bell peppers. And definitely don't give them yogurt drops -- guinea pigs are lactose intolerant.



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