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Thread: How many pigs is an appropriate heard size?

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    How many pigs is an appropriate heard size?

    I have three now but found an adorable female young teddy gp for sale. I've been looking for a few specific colors of possibly adding to my 3 tri colored. She is pitch black which is one of the colors I have been looking for.
    I have enough room in my cage but I was wondering what was a normal/decent size heard? And would my pigs be better off as he group of three or having a fourth one?
    I have fallen in love with her picture and emailed her current owner about her personality. She is supposedly handled daily and really sweet and friendly.
    I talked to my parents and my mom doesn't really want me to have another one but if it's more beneficial to the ones I have now she might be more into the idea.
    I also know my younger gp would most likely benefit from another young one because my two others don't play with her so she runs laps around the cage alone until she gets bored with running alone.

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    Re: How many pigs is an appropriate heard size?

    Generally speaking, two or more guinea pigs is all that's required for pigs to be happy although more is certainly more fun for them if they all get along. I did find that with uneven numbers one often ends up being the third wheel but since she's still so young just give it time, the older ones might just not be as energetic and as she chills out they'll accept her more. As long as there aren't any full on fur ball flying fights she should be okay for now, just monitor the situation before adopting another pig. You never know, that pig might hate the other two and you end up with two cages instead so try not to rush into that decision just yet.

    That said, if your parents are paying for their care and say no then there's not really anything you can do but respect their wishes for now. Do make sure they know that vet care for Guinea Pigs is really expensive, I'm talking in the thousand dollar range per pig in worst case scenario, at least that way they know what to expect. Also, if you are fairly new at keeping Guinea Pigs in general, I'd hold off for now anyway and make sure you have/understand all their care requirements and have implemented those before getting any more.

    Read the care guide over at several times over and the sticky notes on these forums. It took me a good year until I fully understood all their nuances and even now I still learn new things sometimes. I know it's really tempting to get more pigs, they are so cute! For now, Just try to focus on doing the best for the ones you have now, there will always be more cute pigs to adopt in the future

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