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    Unhappy Posey Memorial

    Hello everyone. I am typing this with a heavy heart this evening. After taking Posey to the vet today, I had no clue that I would not be leaving with my little piggy at just 3 1/2. She had a surprising amount of health problems, all of which wiuld have required invasive, risky, and very expensive surgey. I am extremely heartbroken. The vet told us that she was very uncomfortable, and my mom and I knew that we never wanted her to be in pain. We decided to euthanize her today, and I could not hold back my tears. She was such a sweet little girl, and I am happy that she is now living in peace. I already miss her cute little face. I will be sure to give her sister, Petunia, extra love. I miss and love you Posey piggy and I hope you are happily resting over the rainbow bridge.

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    Re: Posey Memorial

    I'm so sorry you lost her.

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    Re: Posey Memorial

    @DoodlePawz, I would like to offer my most heartfelt condolences on the loss of Posey.

    Most everyone here knows just how painful it is to lose one of these furry bundles of joy. It's especially heartbreaking when it's due to illness or injury, and not natural causes. I am so very, very sorry that you've lost her.

    Know that you have done the kindest thing you could have, by not letting her suffer. As painful as it is to let them go, their suffering is infinitely more painful.

    Rest in peace, Posey pig. Run and find all of your new friends and delicious greens at the Rainbow Bridge, until your family comes to take you home again.

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    Re: Posey Memorial

    Fly free over the Rainbow Bridge, Posey!



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