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My favorite hand vac for the cavy cage is the B&D 20v cordless vac (details below). In addition to having sufficient power, the particular feature that you want to look at closely is how the charger connects to the vac itself. Most of them that I've owned or examined have a flimsy connector that can easily become bent or simply fail. You can find one at a cheaper price than the one I like, but in this regard........you get what you pay for.

I have owned several hand vacs and invariably they would simply not last with the kind of use that ours gets. I own the previous model of this vac and have been very pleased with its performance. One can always locate a 20% off coupon for BBB and that brings the cost down to a competitive price. It picks up both poops and hay, and although the hay will clog the vac, it's super easy to unclog and to empty. I wash all the removable parts weekly as part of my cage clean process. One simply MUST empty any vac after each use or it will begin to accumulate nasty odors that will be emitted on the next use.

If you can physically get to a BBB store to look at the vacs, all the better so that you know what you're buying. Good luck with finding something that satisfies your needs!


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This is the hand vac that I bought!

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