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Thread: intolerant to antibiotics/ stopped antibiotics/ advice most appreciated

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    intolerant to antibiotics/ stopped antibiotics/ advice most appreciated

    (I have another thread open on this pig. I would be so grateful if you could combine here or delete that one as this title is more encompassing to the full scope of the issue and I would like to continue the conversation under this thread. Thanks so much in advance if possible)

    Lily's story:

    So we got a beautiful new guinea pig on Saturday exactly one week ago.

    She had clear eyes cleared nose really healthy for very alert very bright eyes .

    With the stress of the move she came down with a little sneeze on Monday . We took her to an exotic vet and they put her on two antibiotics and one anti-inflammatory medication .
    Two days later she stopped eating save a strand of hay here and there she seem to get worse while on the antibiotics. She also stopped pooping for more than 12 hours .

    So back we went to the vet again . She had no fever and her cold was not in her chest only in her nose still. They gave us medicine to move her G.I. tract, manually stimulated her bowels and gave us critical care to syringe feed her . Her poops resumed nicely.

    Friday, while her nose was no longer wet or is runny I felt that these antibiotics really truly were killing her . Her Poos, while many were very hard, dry and very small . She has not come out to explore very much in her cage and she seems very tired . And she is not as alert. At night when time for a new dose she is always more alert eating etc, I give her the meds and she gets sleepy again. Could be coincidental as I'm sure the act of feeding her is stressful and wears her out but I'm worried.

    I read on this website that if your guinea pig has a loss of appetite and they aren't feeling well that you should switch antibiotics as they may be intolerant . I ran this by my vet but they said that they would like to keep her on the same antibiotics . On this website here I came across a story of a woman who had the exact same scenario .

    Her medications and dosage:

    trimethoprim 0.2 ml
    meloxicam 0.07 ml
    enrofloxacin 0.15 ml ( I now know this is Baytril and can stunt growth in young pigs and hard on them. I feel sad she was given this...)
    cisapride 0.09 ml
    (sorry if any typos)
    plus vitamin C 5 ml child grade serum I give via syringe
    Yesterday I added probiotics (bene bac gel)

    Her pig had a small cold not in the lungs. it went on antibiotics and it got worse and worse and stopped eating exactly like mine. She pulled her pig off of the antibiotics and fed him with critical care and fresh veggies and lots of rest and it seemed it took him five days to get better . I feel every step of intervention from the vet has made her worse and worse and worse so I wanted to know has anyone else besides this woman decided to stop the antibiotics ? I do feel that if the infection didn't kill her the antibiotics may finish off this pig .

    Last night I stopped her antibiotics all together so she only had one dose yesterday. By this morning she had the most poos I've seen. They are still lighter colored than when I got her but they are more hydrated and they were 20 +. They are still on the small side though. During the day today I gave her cisapride for gut motility but I'm wondering if that makes them drowsy. She ate less and didn't move around as much. When it wore off again back to her hay rack and eating. All through the day today she refused syringe feeding but she had 50 + poos that were small but many.

    Her nose is still the same. A few sneezes but no no liquid, no wetness, no discharge, to no discharge, no wheezing. I plan to monitor her like a hawk. If she gets worse I will start her possibly back on trimethoprim.

    If her poos are small but plenty and the amount of them is increasing is this a good sign? Has anyone else pulled their pig off like the woman in that article? Can they pull through? She is so young I feel the cold may kill her, but those antibiotics were definitely going to kill her.

    Thanks so much


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    Re: intolerant to antibiotics/ stopped antibiotics/ advice most appreciated

    @Lilythepig, it clearly says, one medical thread per pig. You could easily have added this to that thread. I'll close this one, and you can copy and paste the information above onto that thread.

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