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Thread: 2x versus 3x

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    2x versus 3x

    I have noticed that cages seem to use two grids on the shorter end. I used three. Is there any reason 2x is the standard?

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    Re: 2x versus 3x

    Because most people don't have space for a 3x cage. It's also harder to reach if it's on a stand or table.

    It's nice that you have space for a 3x cage.

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    Re: 2x versus 3x

    The main reasons I can think of for the 2 grid wide standard are simply convenience and practicality.

    It is often easier to fit a 2 grid wide cage into living spaces in a manageable and practical fashion. Also for shorter individuals, or for individuals who have a somewhat limited range of mobility, (particularly if the cage is raised off the floor) it can be difficult or impossible to reach all areas in a 3 grid wide cage to properly clean it.

    If you are able to accommodate a 3 grid wide cage and maintaining it is manageable for you then there is no reason not to chose a 3 grid wide instead of a 2 grid wide, in most cases guinea pigs do greatly appreciate the extra width.

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    Re: 2x versus 3x

    I have a 3 wide cage and they're a little more tricky to clean. To sweep the back corners I have to get on tip-toe and lean way over, (my cage is at about kitchen-counter height and I'm 5'3"). I don't find it to be a problem, if you have any back or mobility issues it might be better to stick with the 2 wide.



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