Hi everyone, so I noticed that my guinea pig, Richard (who's 4 and a half now) seemed to be getting boney/losing weight even though he was eating just fine. I don't have a scale so I haven't been able to weigh him, but I took him into the vet today. Unfortunately, they must have forgotten to write down his weight last time so we were not able to compare and see if he actually has lost weight, but I am almost certain he has. The vet also pointed out that there seems to be a lump on his throat. She's guessing it is hyperthyroidism and assured me that it is relatively easy and cheap to treat. I had his blood drawn and I will know if a couple of days if it actually is hyperthyroidism. However, upon doing some of my own research, it does not seem like guinea pigs with hyperthyroidism have great outcomes and I'm starting to become very worried. I recently lost my other guinea pig, Buddy, due to bladder stones and I would hate to lose Richard on top of that. I've contacted a Zoologist who has researched this phenomena and he's given me some advice as well as a paper about it to read, but I'm wondering if anyone has anymore advice? Has anyone else had this problem with their guinea pig and successfully treated it? While I'm not positive it is hyperthyroidism yet I want to know all my options for treatment in case that is the problem, because I want to treat Richard in the best way possible and as soon as possible.

Side Note: My vet is not a guinea pig specialist and due to my location, taking Richard to a specialist is not really an option. However, she has been great with both him and through all of Buddy's issues with bladder stones so I know she will do everything she can to help Richard. Therefore, I'd like the advice for myself but also to give to her, even though I'm sure she's researching it on her own as well.