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Thread: Is straw safe for cavies

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    Is straw safe for cavies

    As mentioned before we live on a farm. Most of our outside animals get straw in their enclosers in winter to help keep them warm. And where as our girls will be in the nice warm house with us i was wondering if giving them some straw to make a bed with or what have you would be safe?

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    Re: Is straw safe for cavies

    The only thing I would worry about is whether the pigs would eat it. It has almost no nutritional value, so you wouldn't want them to eat it instead of the much better quality hay.

    Guinea pigs don't "nest" so they wouldn't use it to make beds out of.

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    Re: Is straw safe for cavies

    Oh right i remember you said that before. Just hard to think of a rodent NOT nesting hahaha. What do they do in the wild?

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    Re: Is straw safe for cavies

    What do you mean by "what do they do in the wild"?

    Baby guinea pigs are born fully furred, eyes open, ready to run, and will even begin to try and eat things on their own shortly after being born. No need for a nest for babies like that. Baby guinea pigs don't normally stray too far away from mum if let out in a large area.

    You won't find straw in the wild, you would find whole grass plants leaves and all. It also doesn't tend to get very cold (or very hot) in the areas of south america guinea pigs are thought to originate from, but being fully furred even from birth guinea pigs do tend to cope better with cooler temperatures than warmer ones.

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    Re: Is straw safe for cavies

    I mean do they have burrows or caves or a den? What do they line their home with? I know straw isnt necessarily found in the wild but other grasses are. Maybe they dont line their homes?

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    Re: Is straw safe for cavies

    Another concern with straw is that it could easily poke their eyes. That's a concern with hard, low quality hay, and would likely be worse with straw. I wouldn't do it.

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    Re: Is straw safe for cavies

    They don't build nests or line their homes at all. They'll be fine in your cage with just a hidey or two.



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