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Thread: A Coupla Sickies

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    A Coupla Sickies

    Things are going better, though they still aren?t the same without the Frenchie Kisses. My mask is to ensure Cheeseburgers' condition doesn?t worsen in case I?m still contagious.

    After 2 days of baytril, the Big Cheese has started being more friendly again.

    Today I will be donating Frenchfries' cage to the local ARL, and from there I?ll start my research on proper habitat-building. But before we meet any new cavies we both have to be all better. Here?s to the future and many "wheeks" of fun!

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    Re: A Coupla Sickies

    The Cheeseman looks a little grumpy right now !

    I guess you're both entitled to being grumpy if you both a couple of sickies!

    Best wishes that the both of you feel better soon.



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