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Thread: Was there just one...?

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    Was there just one...?

    Hi all

    So my new adopted guinea pig has had a baby yesterday. He is the original thread if you need more info

    I'm so happy she survived it since she is two years old and according to her history, chances were this was her first time.

    Now I have a question: from things I've read, apparently they have two distinct "sections" where they carry their babies before they are born. If this is true, then can someone explain if what I felt on Friday was one baby or two. Mommy's head was towards me and her bum was away from me, I had both of my hands on either side of her bulging belly and I could feel movement on both sides. I figured she had probably 2 or 3 since I could feel a head in my right hand and could feel it "chattering" its teeth and we could hear little gurgly-bubbly noises. With my left hand I could feel something round and not as hard like a bum or a back.

    The baby had measures 5 inches. Could it be one baby lying from her left side to her right? Or is there another one in there. Mommy is doing great, she eating, peeing, pooping, drinking, taking really good care of baby.

    We had an appointment for the vet tonight for x-rays to make sure everything was going good and to see how many babies. I knew she was at least 8 weeks since I got her 2 weeks ago and I felt movement. We are still going to the vet for a wellness check-up but should I push for x-rays just to make sure she has no other baby or I'm I being paranoid?

    thanks for any help you can provide

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    Re: Was there just one...?

    It is certainly possible for a single pup to be laying inside the mother guinea pig in a way that they could be felt from both sides of the sow.

    I know this advice is a little late to be of use to you, but for anyone else in this situation I would say only push for the vet to take x-rays if the mother guinea pig is acting abnormally, continues to strain, or just generally doesn't seem well after the birth.

    How did your appointment with the vet go?

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    Re: Was there just one...?

    The appointment went really well. She passed with flying colors. The vet really wanted to do the x-ray because there was only one pup and because the mom is over 2 yrs old and this being her first (and last) pregnancy. The vet was surprised and happy that if turned out this way. As for the proud mom, her baby belly bump is now empty. I do feel reassured, I just couldn't stop stressing. I guess I was getting ready for the worst and it ending really well. So this mom is happy too.

    The vet also explained about what I was feeling on Friday night. She said that the pup had probably descended into the uterus, from it's horn, in order to get ready for the birth. This is the reason I could feel it so well on both sides.

    Thanks [MENTION=24757]Soecara[/MENTION] for the information and for asking

    Here are a few photos

    Click image for larger version. 

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    To those reading this and going thru as similar thing, I would like to mention something. Make sure the male is in a separate cage with tightly and securely closed lid, like really secure! The only reason I knew that mom had given birth was because the dad was climbing the walls and pushing the lid with his nose... and we are talking about a 14" high lid. Boy am I glad I had all those carabiners to hold it.

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    Re: Was there just one...?

    Actually, it's better to put the lid on the mom's cage. A determined male can push up a lid on his own cage, and squeeze through a pretty small hole. But he can't lift the lid on another cage.



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