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Thread: Miss you, Patty 2016-November 2017

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    Unhappy Miss you, Patty 2016-November 2017

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    Patty crossed the rainbow bridge on Wednesday, November 8th. We're not sure what happened, she had been fine the day before, but had suddenly become ill. We suspect that it was complications from a bad reaction she had had earlier, in October, to antibiotics she had been put on.

    She was only a year old.

    She was the kissiest, cuddliest little pig. She loved to follow you around, she loved treats, and she loves her cagemate, Lucy.

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    Re: Miss you, Patty 2016-November 2017

    I'm very sorry you lost her.

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    May 12, 2015
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    Re: Miss you, Patty 2016-November 2017

    I am so very sorry you've lost little Patty. Far, far too young for her to have to make the journey across the Bridge.

    She's going to meet a lot of new friends there, and they'll show her where the most delicious green grow. She can eat until her heart's content.

    Until Lucy and your family come to find you, Patty, rest in peace little one.

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    Re: Miss you, Patty 2016-November 2017

    Boopy, I'm sorry for your loss.

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    Re: Miss you, Patty 2016-November 2017

    My deepest sympathy for your loss. Patty was such a gorgeous piggie.

    May her beautiful spirit rest in peace.



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