So awhile back almost 2 year ago now I purchased a Guinea pig from the pet store went out to my car opened the box the Guinea pig layed there limp already dead after just being running around the cage playfully less then 5 minutes before so I go back in and bring the Guinea pig back they tell me it must of had a heart attack so they assured me this is the first time that has every happened to them and gave me another Guinea pig so I bring my new friend back after some time the new Guinea pig I bought a (male) Suddenly after no Signs whatsoever Violently Seizured and died just short of 1 year of age now a 2 months go by then I realize my other guinea pig I owned for 1 year prior to this pregnant (this was not planned what so ever) turns out to be pregnant everything goes good my female guinea pig gives birth to 5 beautiful babies I kept two males and gave two females and 1 male away then almost a year later one of my males suddenly drops dead overnight with no signs of being sick then 2 months after that the other male drops dead the same way I have treated my animals the best I ever could my female guinea pig is almost 4 years old now and is still one of the most healthiest and energenic guinea pig I have ever seen idk what could have caused this im thinking maybe something the father guinea pig passed down to them anyone ever experience anything close to this? Idk what to blame if I did something wrong or if the pet store just sold me a faulty pig my female guinea pig (muffin) was bought from an actual breeder and I have never had any health problems with her just really woundering if there is any kind of congenital diseases or anything that could have caused this?