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Thread: Rehoming Pigs - Ohio

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    Unhappy Rehoming Pigs - Ohio

    Admin - I tried to paste this in a previous post but for some reason I could not get it to upload to the old thread. I do apologize for the double post.

    My husband and I rescued some piggies from becoming snake food a while back. I had posted a thread prior to this one, but we had decided to "tough" it out. As the months have gone by, we are realizing we are both pretty allergic to the hay. All kinds we have tried. His asthma has come back, and I cannot care for 10 pigs alone.

    6 of which we have together and it is easy to change bedding and only fill the hay up as needed and quickly. We have 4 others in single cages because they cannot get along with each other. Well, we know of two that cannot get along with each other.

    Oscar was friendly before Red turned on him, so he may still be okay to group with another male. If we had a neutered male we would try him with the girls, but the vets within a 60 mile radius will not neuter him. He's a little bashful but comes to us for a baby carrot. He eats just about everything but roman lettuce. He would be okay with children who are gentle.

    Bowie we saved from a snake situation (along with Red, which his description is below). She's old, so the previous owner said. Probably at least 4. She does not like hide outs at all. She also mainly poops in a corner or two of her cage. A special type of pig parent could probably handle her a little better than we can. She bucks at us when we try to pick her up so we often gently scoop her in a towel just in case. She has bitten me once before but I do believe that was stress related as it was the first night we had her.

    Red is a sweet boy but he turned on Oscar after he realized we had females in the house. He actually got out of his cage and got into their unit. It's been 2.5 months and so far no babies and no sign (WHEW!). He might be okay now, but we haven't tried since he was attacking Oscar. He would be okay with kids.

    We live in southern Ohio and we would meet halfway to a loving home. They are in store bought cages (I would have loved to get them a C2C) but we don't have a ton of space and we were worried about someone getting them free off of Craigslist or Facebook (like they were advertised).

    If anyone has any questions please let me know.

    Thank you.
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