Now in college, it seemed like a lifetime go that I was this young girl willing to learn anything about guinea pigs and have some. I would have been a terrible piggy mom if it wasn't for this site. But it's not just that; from my 12 years in 4-H, 6 of them were spent showing my one guinea pig, Nala, at the county fair (FYI she won 2 Class Champions and Overall Reserve Grand Champion in my last year, aging a ripe 7 years). In those years, I have taught hundreds of people the proper diets, housing, exercise, health, and needs that our little lovelies require. In those 6 years, I lost 2 sows; one to cancer and the other to death of natural causes. I have learned how truly complex and demanding these animals are. I have watched girls younger than me bring their pigs to the show in store bought cages, then I spoke to them and the next year they couldn't wait to show me all the modifications they made to their new C&C cage! I have been able to watch the same little girls grow older and become the ones that do the educating!! It has all been thanks to this website, and of course I ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS recommended this site, every year I made little sheets of paper with the link and overall site info that I would hand out so people knew where to go and weren't relying on their memory.

Perhaps I chose to compose this now, as I am reminiscing of simpler times in my homesickness, but regardless- I just want to say thanks, and not just for who I grew into thanks to the guidance and education of this site, but my girls also want to say "Thank You" too, as they're living the life because of what I learned.

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^ There is my feisty but loving Pumpkin, who I lost in April to natural causes. She and Nala were the bonded pair I had originally adopted.

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^Here is Sarabi, or "Mama" as we often called her, since she is Butternut's mom. She passed this January due to a very large tumor.
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^Butternut, or "Baby". She's still wheeking and jumpin around and she and Nala get along great, fortunately.
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^Baby and Mama hanging out at the food bowl.
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^And here's Nala coming in clutch for my senior show. Love my girl