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Thread: My 2x19 U-Shape C&C cage tour

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    My 2x19 U-Shape C&C cage tour

    I did another cage expansion yesterday from a 2x15 to a 2x19 C&C.

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    Re: My 2x19 U-Shape C&C cage tour

    Oh my gosh that is awesome! What happy little girls I am sure. I love the pictures above! Do they all get along pretty well?

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    Re: My 2x19 U-Shape C&C cage tour

    Great job! Talk about someone truly obsessed with cavies! I'm just jealous because I don't have room for a large cage......or more furballs.

    Just a suggestion.....I notice that your water bottles aren't very stable? Do you have an Ocean State Job Lot nearby? They often have packages of tiny bungees (7" long) that are terrific for stabilizing piggy cage items, and in particular water bottles.

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    Re: My 2x19 U-Shape C&C cage tour

    Huge cage, they must love all that room!

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    Re: My 2x19 U-Shape C&C cage tour

    I love it! I love how you have it raised on the tables too. That's how I have mine so I can easily access them and it's so much easier to clean. I love the posters on the walls . I'm new to guinea pig ownership so have lots of questions.

    Why aren't there any toys?
    What are those hay mangers made of?
    How do you make the condos?
    How long does it take to clean?
    What are you using on the floor of the pen?
    How many pigs in this pen?

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