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Thread: Looking For Local Pet Shops To Buy From! (Chicago)

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    Looking For Local Pet Shops To Buy From! (Chicago)

    Hi all, so I live near Chicago, and I'm going to be getting a pair of female Guinea Pigs at the beginning of next year. There are a few shelters I've found as well as the obvious Petco and Petsmart's. Are there any local stores around here that sell Guinea Pigs and hay?

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    Re: Looking For Local Pet Shops To Buy From! (Chicago)

    Adopt don't shop for guinea pigs they are often misexed and sick I don't know how many times I have seen pregnant males. As for hay I buy in bulk from amazon I found it to be much cheaper but if you can find a local farm they often sell their hay cheap as well. As for any shelters I found some for you on you just have to put in your zip code for a more accurate find.

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    Re: Looking For Local Pet Shops To Buy From! (Chicago)

    Apart from going to shelters, you can use Petfinder and Kijiji. Hay can be bought online (eg. Small Pet Select or KMS Hayloft) or at a farm. Since you live in Chicago, you might need to drive for an hour to get to a farm, but you can buy in bulk. I've heard that, if stored properly, hay can keep for up to 2 years. So you would only need to make the trip once a year.

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    Re: Looking For Local Pet Shops To Buy From! (Chicago)

    Check out Critter Corral, they may have some foster homes near you. After a quick search on, I found these girls too in Libertyville

    Also, buying hay online is a great option. You can buy it in bulk, and for much cheaper than at a petstore.

    PLEASE do NOT purchase guinea pigs from a pet store. They are treated poorly, and you don't want to support that. Some even carry mites, deadly illnesses and are missexed/pregnant.

    Good luck!



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