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Thread: Worried my pigs are bored, getting enough Vit C, not enough exercise and hay.

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    Question Worried my pigs are bored, getting enough Vit C, not enough exercise and hay.

    We have two pigs. One is very active and runs around his cage. I have let him run around the house and in the yard ( I was always close by). He always comes to the edge of the cage to greet us or the dogs.

    My other pig pig is very shy. He stays in his hut anytime he sees us. He does come out, but it is when we are not around. When he sees he runs back in his hiding spot. When we set him in the bigger cage, he just hides in the house. I put him on our floor and he scrambles for a place to hide and when I took him outside, he just sat there and would not move while I had to chase the other one all over the yard.

    My concerns:
    1. How do I entertain my pigs besides putting them in a bigger cage? The one moves around, but the shy one does nothing. We tempt him with food and treats and he will occasionally move, but prefers to hide. My other pig runs around the bigger cage, climbs on top of the little house and crawls in and out of the windows on the house. We have tried toys, but they are not interested. I read the thread here, but I am still lost.

    2. I bought the Oxbow food and we give the pigs lots of hay and vegetables. Is it enough to do all of that and spraying their hay with vitamin C spray? I think we are fine, but am worried about it.

    3. This goes back to the one pig not moving when we around. How do I get him to exercise or move around? If I take the house out of the bigger cage, my dog will run around the outside and "chase" the pigs. My concern is that one pig loves it, but the shy one seems like he is running for his life. How do I ensure he is getting enough exercise?

    4. I bought hay from small pet select and it is clearly better than the hay from the store. Does the hay have an expiration date or should I get rid of it at sometime? The box is huge and I only have two pigs? Should I pick the stalks out of the hay? They seem to leave the stalks more so than the rest of it so it doesn't seem like they like it as much.

    Thank you for the responses.

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    Re: Worried my pigs are bored, getting enough Vit C, not enough exercise and hay.

    You don't need to spray the hay with vitamin C spray. In fact, the spray may contribute to mold. You want hay to be dry, not wet in any way unless you're going to take out of the cage very quickly. If you're feed Oxbow pellets and your pigs are getting some veggies with C in them, like bell pepper they're fine.

    Hay lasts for two full years without loss of nutrients if it's stored in a dry place. Two pigs will eat the hay long before the two years is up. And no, you don't have to pick the stalks out. They'll take care of that.

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