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Thread: Adding a 3rd guinea pig

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    Adding a 3rd guinea pig

    Right now I have two female guinea pigs, Waffles and Popcorn. I wanted to save up my money to buy another guinea pig. I just don't know if I need another girl or a boy. I don't want my guinea pigs to fight but I also don't want baby guinea pigs. Should I save up my money and get a boy guinea pig and get him neutered the same day? Should I get a female guinea pig???

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    Re: Adding a 3rd guinea pig

    First, if you're talking about buying from a pet store, please don't. Those pigs are bred and raised in horrible conditions. To you it's a cute pet, but to the pet store, it's just stock, and as soon as you buy one, they order another one to take its place. So somewhere, sows are being kept continually pregnant until they're too old to breed, and then they're killed. Many are inbred, and they're often sold sick or with parasites.

    Reputable rescues are the best places to find pigs. The people who run the rescue will have checked them out, and will often pay for the treatment of any illnesses or parasites that show up in the first few days. You wouldn't be buying a pig from them, although it may cost as much or more than from a pet store, because they use the money to run the rescue for all the pigs.

    If I were you, I'd get another female. That way, you won't have to pay for surgery for the male, or put him through a surgery he doesn't need if he's going to live with other males. There's no particular advantage to having a male/female mixture. He won't necessarily be the dominant one in the cage, and you certainly can't tell, by looks or behavior, which one is male or female unless you've examined the bottom.

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