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Thread: Rehoming Guinea Pigs in Southern Ohio

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    Unhappy Rehoming Guinea Pigs in Southern Ohio

    We started rescuing guinea pigs about 2-3 months ago. The last month I have been breaking out in hives from the pigs, having sneezing attacks that last for hours. We thought it was the hay so dismissed it. Turns out it is actually the fur itself.

    Sadly, we officially need to find homes for our kids, and this is something I don't do too easily because I always have it in my head that no one can care for them like ourselves. I trust this page more-so than local pet pages due to the cruelty that happens in our area.

    I will post pictures upon request.

    Preferred to go together: 2 boars, both get along well without any issues. Matteo is about 6-7 months old, brownish red in color. Larger boy. Oscar isn't far behind him, he is a light brown and white with crazy hair. His back literally looks like it's got an alfalfa piece if it isn't trimmed. They would come with a traveling cage/petstore cage, size large. Will send food, water bottle and their house. Neither has refused any type of food I give.

    Single female: Her name is Bowie, and she is older, I was told about 3-4 years old. Reminds me of a calico cat without the white. She is a big girl. Poops in the corners of her cage, LOVES CARROTS. She requires some patience as she has a mind of her own. I do not recommend introducing her to ANY other pig. She will not get along with them at all. She likes her small cage without a hidey too. Tried a hidey with her and she was terrified of it.

    Single Male: He's at least a year. Super friendly and loveable. Will demand to be picked up. He would make a great guy for a gentle small child. Loves to head butt and be loved on. Has longer hair in the back the will need trimmed up. He is creamy with a gray/violet look to him. He also has I believe a crested head. Will eat just about anything you give him. We have discovered he would rather be in a clear tote than a cage but we are working on keeping him in a small cage. He will have food and a water bottle and a bowl.

    3 "calico" females: These were our first girls and it saddens me that these girls need to leave us. One is bigger than the other two. All are friendly and will come looking for food. One is very picky on what she eats, depending on the day she loves cucumber and her mustard greens. The other two welcome just about anything you give them. They were rescues and sadly whomever had them before did not trim their toe nails very well. I have been slowly trimming them as to not hurt them, but they do curl sideways. Other than their toenails each one is quite healthy. All three get along very well with each other (they all came together), and we currently have them housed in a kiddy pool. A proper cage would be ideal for them as their kiddy pool is needing replaced. They share a large hut 2 at a time, and we give them boxes as a second one to stay in and play with until they need replaced.

    3 "mixed" girls: We rescued a pregnant piggy and sadly she passed when her babies were 3 days old from a flipped stomach and a lump of cancer. We had to euthanize her. Her girls were born May 3rd, and they are actually about the size of their cage mate that is 7 weeks older than them. They do need a little work still, but all are taking food from my hands now, especially the oldest of the girls. One is kind of dilute in her coloring (the oldest), the two sisters are very different from one another. One is gray and white and she has the crazy hair, and the other is dark with brown, and she has this gorgeous long hair look to her...She's quite pretty. They ALL eat well. There isn't anything they do not refuse. They are also housed in a kiddy pool right now, with 2 small huts.

    This is NOT something we wanted to do, but we cannot be covered in hives and having allergy attacks like this. My husband has asthma and they have started interfering with his asthma as well.

    I do screen and ask questions when I adopt out. We have done rescue work before. I do not trust social media sites due to "snake food" and things like that.

    Our hopes for these guys is that they can live out their final days in a caring environment that will give them their needs and be spoiled rotten. I'd also like updates as they have become part of our family and are loved.

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    Re: Rehoming Guinea Pigs in Southern Ohio

    If there's an animal rescue near you, they might do a courtesy listing for you on Petfinder. You can also list them over at Guinea Lynx.

    FYI, it always helps to display pictures when you're trying to place them.

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