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Thread: Fleece cage lining

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    Fleece cage lining

    So i want to try fleece.. But my room is quite small.. So i was thinking of doing this to prevent smell

    Top to bottom:
    1 layer fleece
    Two hand towels
    Puppy pad

    But maybe put some aspen bedding directly under the hand towels?

    Or would sticking with my carefresh be a better option for less smell...

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    Re: Fleece cage lining

    Carefresh is ridiculously expensive and there are better, cheaper bedding alternatives. Putting Carefresh underneath the towels will get messy and the bedding will stick to the fabric. Puppy pads have to be bought over and over again and can be pricey at times. It's also very dangerous if your guinea pigs can easily get to it (they will eat it). Towels...well, they can smell very quickly and are not the ideal bedding in terms of controlling odor (that and newspapers). If you really want to keep the odor down as much as possible I would suggest trying one of these:

    -U-haul pads
    -Wood pellets

    Both of these beat towels and paper bedding easily. Wood pellets do wonders for controlling odor and are the absolute best from what I've heard. Yes, you have to keep buying it but not as frequently as puppy pads or paper bedding. You need to replace the pellets every 8-10 weeks. U-haul can be used as well and you only have to buy it once. Wash once or twice a week with the fleece. Both beddings are cheap, last a long time, and are best at controlling odor.

    Here's a link for the U-haul. You put this under the fleece:

    Here's a link to how to use fleece, where to get it, and how to get it to wick:

    Here's a link to a thread all about using wood pellets. You can get them at places like Lowe's, Home Depot, and Tractor Supply:



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