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Thread: PETSMART SCAM (They took away my baby!!!)

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    Unhappy PETSMART SCAM (They took away my baby!!!)

    ***REASONS TO NOT BUY ANIMALS FROM PET SMART*** On June 13th my boyfriend and I adopted an adorable little guinea pig from PetSmart (Richmond BC Canada). She was doing extremely well, but after doing more research we found out that they do a lot better in pairs. On June 20th I went back to the Richmond Pet Smart and picked out an adorable little guinea pig companion. After a couple interactions the two were doing really well, the first pig actually seemed better than before! On June 23rd I noticed the new pig had a very swollen eye, she was making less noise and seemed off. I waited a day to see if it would get better, it didn't. The next day I went into PetSmart, seeing as the contract said that they would take care of the problems with the pet (if within the first two weeks) and after that I would be able to buy her back. When I showed up the staff seemed very understanding. They asked if I wanted to give her back and get another, or get updates and buy her back. I said I wasn't leaving her behind and would like to buy her back. They said they would bring her into the vet on June 26th or 27th. I left, thinking it would be fine! The next day I call to see if she got brought in as I hadn't heard. Someone who sounded very busy said her eye was looking bad, she was in quarantine and a manager would call me later. I had no callback, so I called again today. The manager I got ahold of told me that the guinea pig wasn't mine anymore, and I should just move on and buy another!! He said they would never release vet files to me, so they couldn't tell me if she was being treated or if she was recovering, he said this was also to keep them safe if she died. He said there was no guarantee of me getting her back, and if she did recover she would go up for sale again and get sold to the next person. Honestly, this was all super upsetting for me as I was the one caring for her, the two guinea pigs were being bonded, and it's incredibly hard on a small animal. In my opinion, this is a huge SCAM. Putting animals and their humans through tough situations. If I hadn't been lied to I would have taken the little piggy straight to the vet myself

    ** I know buying animals from Pet Stores isnt the best idea. Pretty much all the guinea pigs in shelters/for adoption around here are already bonded, and I wasnt sure I would be able to care for two in the current living situation. After realizing I could, I went to get another so I could bond them together. If I had known from the start two would be alright, I would have for sure gone to adopt a little piggy**Click image for larger version. 

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    Re: PETSMART SCAM (They took away my baby!!!)

    This is so messed up, Im sorry you had to go through this

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    Re: PETSMART SCAM (They took away my baby!!!)

    Honestly in your situation I would be calling petsmart head office and lodging a complaint. It is their policy to allow you the animal back after it has received the veterinary care under their guarantee, if the manager of the store in question is telling you otherwise I would be lodging a complaint and try to get the head office to have a word to the manager to allow you your animal back.

    Head office should be more than willing to help you with your issues, after all it is this managers poor conduct that is reflecting badly on their businesses image.

    On a side note this is exactly why I never recommend people take their new pet back to the store they purchased it at for vet care unless they have no other choice, if you can take them to a vet yourself it can save you a whole lot of hassle or heartache. Pet adoption centres or rescues are typically better to deal with than a pet store in this kind of situation, but what is done is done so all you can do now is try your best for the girl you still have and try to get the other girl back.
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    Re: PETSMART SCAM (They took away my baby!!!)

    Hmm reading into their actual policy, they only promise to refund or replace a sick animal. I would still be complaining to head office as this is not what you were told when you took her back, you were told you would be given the opportunity to purchase her back if/when she is healthy, and you do want her back.

    There is the IF she becomes healthy again as well, the vets associated with the pet stores aren't always qualified to treat exotic pets like guinea pigs so she may not be getting the correct treatment under the vet the pet store choses to take her too. As she is their property at the moment (as you did return her) you have no say in where or how she is treated and they have no obligation to tell you that information either.

    I hope at the very least your situation serves as a warning for other people and can help someone else avoid getting into the same situation.

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    Re: PETSMART SCAM (They took away my baby!!!)

    Absolutely call the head office. They market themselves as a caring pet store franchise, having "adoption days" and donating pet food, but the reality is that it varies a great deal from location to location. Mostly it depends on the staff and the management at any given location. Unfortunately pocket pets are just inventory to most of them.

    I'm sorry to hear you went through this.

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