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Thread: Front teeth. Trimming?

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    Front teeth. Trimming?

    My pig has lost abit of weight over the past few weeks but I've put it down to the hot weather. I went to check his teeth the other day and noticed his lowers are rather long. Are they classed as being too long, if so I'll book him into the vets to have them trimmed.

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    Re: Front teeth. Trimming?

    How old is this pig? His teeth look angled, and coupled with the weight loss could indicate malocclusion of the molars. A good cavy experienced vet will know this, and will be able to tell you the same thing.

    I'm going through the same thing with one of my boars. Please get this little fella to a vet. If it IS malocclusion, he will slowly starve to death.

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    Re: Front teeth. Trimming?

    Usually overgrowth and/or an angle forming in the front incisor teeth are a visual indicator of issues with the teeth further back in the mouth. If this is the case just having the front teeth trimmed will do absolutely nothing to improve his condition, as the back teeth will also be causing an issue.

    He really does need to see a good vet with experience in rodent dentistry with the correct tools to assess the condition of his back molars, as if they are also overgrown he will need them trimmed down as well.



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