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Thread: Guinea Pig Food Supplier

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    Guinea Pig Food Supplier

    I was wondering if anyone has purchased gp food from this supplier before (not my business)
    They are local to me and affordable.

    Feedback appreciated

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    Re: Guinea Pig Food Supplier

    The website looks fine, but the products don't. The pellets say they are meant for rabbits AND guinea pigs, which could mean that there isn't enough vitamin C in it. Rabbits can have guinea pig food temporarily, but guinea pigs cannot have rabbit food, because of lack of vitamin C. Also it mentions that it is high in calcium, which you do NOT want for adult piggies. They don't show a guaranteed analysis, which is very important to know how much calcium is in it. They also don't show the ingredients which is a bad sign. If you could contact them and ask for info, they might give it to you. But I wouldn't trust this company for my pigs.

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    Re: Guinea Pig Food Supplier

    Thank you

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    Re: Guinea Pig Food Supplier

    Bit late to the party, but I use

    I use Oxbow but mix it with the Burgess Mint to make it go further.



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