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Thread: Anyone use Grocery store GP pellets?

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    Anyone use Grocery store GP pellets?

    Does anyone feed their gp's Grocery store GP pellets? Called Peters Lucerine Pellets 2kg for $7.37


    Wheaten Bran and Pollard, Lupins, Barley, Lucerne (5%), Clover, Lignin, Canola, Triticale, Lentils, Oats, Peas, Beans, Soya, Sunflower, Grape and products derived from those ingredients, Bentonite, Limestone, Dicalcium Phosphate, Salt, Vitamins and Minerals.

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    Re: Anyone use Grocery store GP pellets?

    We don't have that brand here, but they're not a good quality pellet. Hay (alfalfa for young pigs, timothy for older ones) should be the main ingredient. Hay is the fifth ingredient in that list.

    They also use limestone as the calcium source, and that has proved problematic as far as bladder stones are concerned in some pigs.

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    Re: Anyone use Grocery store GP pellets?

    Thanks I was wondering cause on the outside they look like the ones I see everyone else feeds but I couldn't remember what was wrong with them.

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    Re: Anyone use Grocery store GP pellets?

    Then anyone use: VETAFARM CAVY ORIGINS 1.5Kg

    Fescue, lucerne, oat fibre, stabilised vitamin C.

    Whole grains: wheat, soybean and oats.

    Vitamins: A, B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B9, B12, D3, E, H & K

    Minerals: calcium, cobalt, copper, iodine, iron, magnesium, manganese, phosphorus, potassium, selenium, sodium, sulphur and zinc

    I was thinking it sounds like our local aussie version of burgess or oxbow???

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    Re: Anyone use Grocery store GP pellets?

    Just feed Oxbow Essentials or KMS Hayloft.

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    Re: Anyone use Grocery store GP pellets?

    [MENTION=37230]DroidGuineaPig[/MENTION], the OP is in Australia. Neither of those pellets are available there.

    I can't find the nutritional analysis for the Vetafarm pellets. I'd really like to know how much calcium is in them.

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    Re: Anyone use Grocery store GP pellets?

    @bpatters I don't know the exact calcium content for the Vetafarm pellets but I would be more then willing to bet it is high. The second ingredient is Lucerne which is another name for Alfalfa hay.

    You can get oxbow pellets here in Australia, and honestly they are the only pellet available here that I would feed. Here is the cheapest online place that I have found to buy it (note the same store also sells burgess pellets but they are more expensive than oxbow):

    They also have "bulk buy" options for 2 bags or 8 bags:

    Here is another online store that sells both oxbow and burgess, the base per unit price is higher but they offer free shipping on orders over $50.

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    Re: Anyone use Grocery store GP pellets?

    Are the Burgess pellets OK to feed? If so, is there a 'best type'? (for example there's a 'mint' version and a 'blackcurrant and oregano' version and possibly more)
    Also, is Burgess 'Dandelion and Marigold' hay OK? (Isn't dandelion quite high in calcium?)
    I'm trying to find a hay that we can buy locally (Perth) that my fussy pigs like (they often leave about half of the timothy hay which is more expensive). As well as 'Dandelion and Marigold', there's 'Chamomile and Timothy Herbage' also by Burgess, and 'Birch Bark and Timothy herbage'. We used to get large boxes of soft, green Orchard Grass before MyPetWarehouse stopped selling it.


    MyPetWarehouse link to Food and Hay

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    Re: Anyone use Grocery store GP pellets?

    Pet Stock does small quantities of meadow hay and oaten hay in a couple of different brands. I think it's about $10 a bag.

    As for pellets, I only feed oxbow if I'm feeding them pellets at all. With decent hay available to the pigs 24/7 and veg you can do without.

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    Re: Anyone use Grocery store GP pellets?

    I use Oxbow and Burgess. At a stretch Vetafarm...but it's the worst of the better ones by a long shot. The rest are all awful.

    My guys like the mint pellets.

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    Re: Anyone use Grocery store GP pellets?

    The mint version has a 5% higher fibre content than the blackcurrant/oregano one. But the blackcurrant/oregano recipe seems more popular with pigs.
    Both of these versions have a 4 times HIGHER vit C content than Oxbow (as well as a higher D3 & A content), so you could (should?) feed less of it, especially if the calcium source is an issue.

    I would recommend it based on the other products you have mentioned, but I also have no experience with what else may available in the Australian market.

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