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Thread: New Cage Idea NOT C&C

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    New Cage Idea NOT C&C

    Hi, Just thought I'd share what I'm putting together because I'm over dealing with C&C. I'm over corflute getting poop in the edges or it breaking along the seams. the only corflute I can get is too thin for the large length plus gets too expensive. No wood cause I'm over wood getting stinky from pee, although its cheap it gets heavy & bulky too. I am designing the floor removable for making it covert into a run outside. So their inside cage is also their run. It will be light and washable and weatherproof. So far seems like an easy assemble cage.

    I got 2 of the Ikea Hyllis Metal shelves ($9.95), the Bunnings whites coated wire with bar spacing of 12mm-x-12mm ($36.08 for 5 meters). And I'm opting for budget sheet vinyl for the flooring ($15.50 for 1 x 1.83meters).

    so far For two cages with cat proof lids its going to be: TOTAL = $71.90
    2 ikea hyllis shelves 9.95x 2= 19.90
    Whites wire roll 5 meters=36.5
    1 meter cut down middle Lino = 15.50

    The gaps between the shelves I am putting in scrap wood and I have some perspex from previous cages and home DIYs I'm going to add.

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    Re: New Cage Idea NOT C&C

    two cages at $35 for each cage for 120 x 60 cm floor space each. Pretty budget to me

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