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Thread: 2 month old guinea pigs nipping

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    2 month old guinea pigs nipping

    I recently regained two boy guinea pigs who are 2 months old from a rescue centre. Sometimes one boy nips the other but most of the time they are fine and like to cuddle together. I don't know whether one of the boys nips over dominance or for other reasons. Has anyone got any advice to stop this or another reason to why this is happening?
    Thank you.

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    Cavy Slave
    Jun 18, 2014
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    Re: 2 month old guinea pigs nipping

    As long as there's no blood drawn, it's not considered a problem, and it's just normal sibling bickering. They're also going through puberty at this age, so that's part of the issue- they're testy teens.

    It can be worse if your cage is too small, though, and can often be improved by giving them extra space, by making sure there's 2 of everything, and making sure all your hideys have multiple exits so that they can't trap each other.

    Thank you for adopting the boys!

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    Re: 2 month old guinea pigs nipping

    Thank you I will make sure to get two of everything!

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    Re: 2 month old guinea pigs nipping

    How big is their cage?

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