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Thread: Adult Female Gerbil Acting Sick!

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    Adult Female Gerbil Acting Sick!

    I have a sweet and beautiful female gerbil who has recently had a litter. She had been acting fine for most of the better month. (She had them on the third of Feb.) One of her pups became very sick and pasted away. The mother has been acting lethargic and she has lost a lot of weight. I checked her teeth and they look okay. She isn't moving much and she is flinching at every sound. I can't take her to the vet since the closest one is in another state! Is there anything I can do to help her! ( I know I didn't put much info on, I'm sort of panicking.

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    Re: Adult Female Gerbil Acting Sick!

    Try this site. I've seen it mentioned on some hamster forums. I've heard good things about it.

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    Re: Adult Female Gerbil Acting Sick!

    Thank you! I'm now thinking worms. Mama is very skinny but she looks pregnant. I'm looking for treatments now.
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