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Thread: where to get supplies from internet?

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    Question where to get supplies from internet?

    Do you have any idea where I can get guinea pig supplies from? Want to make a cage but I can't find these wire cubes on ebay or aliexpress or in any department store.
    I really like this cage from Sugar & spice piggies but need some sort of edges on cage around back and sides (That I can see through) to keep the muck in. Anyone found stuff online?

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    Re: where to get supplies from internet?

    amazon is a good place to get them... They often are only $14.88 for 4 storage cubes.. just keep checking the price..

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    Re: where to get supplies from internet?

    I get my food from
    sorry just realized where you are from, should still be able to get the cubes on amazon but not sure where you would get the plastic sheets
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    Re: where to get supplies from internet?

    Have a read of this thread

    Getting coroplast/clear acrylic online in small quantities is very expensive due to the shipping costs, but every bunnings I have been to carries both and most hardware stores should at least stock acrylic. Just keep in mind Coroplast is a brand name that we don't have in Australia, it is called Corflute or corrugated plastic here.

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    Re: where to get supplies from internet?

    I'm having trouble looking today still...I've started to think DIY C&C alternative is the way to go.

    I would just get the C & C but its more expensive and I'm not sure it would end up what I need. I need windows at the front for toddler proof and free viewing, great air circulation all around but not letting cat paws through ( I think c& C might).
    midwest cage for $159 plus delivery.

    Guineapig is $100 plus delivery for the ready made kit from , & $42.90 for a lid. They have one

    OR $50 on ebay for 4 Wire Cubes delivered and I would need two to make a lid...>? Amazon is outta the question cause its $20AUD and $50 Shipping, which is $70 for 4 cubes.

    I'm not even sure how much for the Piggy windows and if I can even get them at all here in australa.Bunnings seems to stock the 'Suntuf 600 x 1200 x 3mm Clear PVC sheet' and it is $44. is that similar prices to the piggy windows?

    Then the only local source I can find is bunnings, their corflute that is big enough is only 2.2m thick, only in black and it rips really easy almost impossible for it not to have leaks and holes along the edges.

    adding another $50 for the stand. The aussie struggle is real, hehehe. I'm going to spend money but just don't want to waste money if everyone is buying it cheaper and be wise with money to spend on fleece and food and misc etc.

    So I guess it begs the question what is a normal amount for a cage that is baby/cat proof...?

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    Re: where to get supplies from internet?

    I would do a closest shelving with the plexi glass. For the corflute, buy the thicker and just tape it together on both sides, I love gorilla tape myself, it's never let me down. I have bought a bundle of coroplast squares and taped them together for the base and never had a problem.

    A side note, the closet shelving make a wonderful lid too.

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    Re: where to get supplies from internet?

    Hey, I don't know if it's different where you are, but I got my midwest cage from amazon for $33+shipping. The downside is that, despite what it says in the description, you still need fleece or bedding in it, but bedding flies out of the cage quite easily, and with fleece you cannot use the ramp door if you buy the extra piece like I did. If I weren't in the US, though, I would have gone with C&C-but the only place I found that it shipped to was the U.K. Hope this helps <3

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    Re: where to get supplies from internet?

    Was the Midwest cage the 2 by 8 model. Otherwise its not big enough for 2 pigs.

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    Re: where to get supplies from internet?

    No Midwest cage is large enough for two pigs. They're not even large enough for one, but definitely not for two.

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    Re: where to get supplies from internet?

    If I was to get a midwest cage, I would get two and hook them together.

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    Re: where to get supplies from internet?

    I pick up coroflute from signage or plastic supply places. They always raise eyebrows at your project but will usually have a big selection to choose from and out of sheer amusement will help you cut it to size and shape.
    I got my cubes a long time ago from Aldi. When I've needed new ones I've just looked through Kmart, Big W, dollar stores to see what they have.
    It is very pricey to do it online. THe only thing I do get online is cage liners. Either from Etsy or if I can find another supplier. These tend to cost a fair bit however they last so well and very quickly overtake the costs of disposable bedding.

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    Re: where to get supplies from internet?

    Just thought I'd add in, Pet Stock now have really good hay in affordable and manageable sizes without having to buy the whole bale. Most stores have meadow hay or oaten hay available.
    Peters have just introduced a timothy hay based pellet which gives an alternate from Oxbow which can be pretty expensive.

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