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Thread: Please delete my account and/or stop email notifications

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    Exclamation Please delete my account and/or stop email notifications

    We do NOT delete accounts.
    You can change your email address altogether to a false address or you can change your email notification settings:

    How do I stop the email notifications?

    There is a master control of YOUR subscription policy in your profile. The DEFAULT when you registered is to automatically subscribe via instant email notification to any threads in which you've posted. You can change your default for any future threads.

    You can subscribe to a whole forum using the FORUM TOOLS menu option at the top of a forum. You can also use the same option to unsubscribe to a previously subscribed forum.
    For example, suppose you want to just get email notifications when there is a new post anywhere in the Kitchen forum? Your default could be to NOT automatically subscribe to any threads that you post on, but you can subscribe to the Kitchen forum using the 'Forum Tools' at the top of the forum
    Even if your default is set to NOT subscribe to any threads or forum, you can choose to subscribe to a particular thread using the THREAD TOOLS menu option at the top of a thread. Likewise you can unsubscribe from a specific thread.

    To Change Your Master Default:

    Go to "My Profile" from the menu bar at the top.

    Choose Edit Options.

    Scroll down to Messaging and Notification

    In that section, look at the option for "Default Thread Subscription Mode"

    Change the option to "Do Not Subscribe".

    That will change any future threads that you reply to.

    To UNSUB from EXISTING threads:

    Go to "My Profile" from the menu bar at the top.

    Choose "List Subscriptions"

    That will show you all the threads to which you are currently subscribed (there may be multiple pages).

    At the top of the right-hand column, click the check mark to select all threads on the page. At the bottom of the screen, it should say: "Selected Threads:"

    Change 'move to folder' to 'delete subscription.'

    You may have to do that for each page of threads. That should do it.


    Subscription types are:
    • none
    • no email notification (only appears in your subscription list)
    • instant email notification (standard default)
    • daily email notification
    • weekly email notification
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