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Thread: New Piggy Owner in Victoria BC

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    New Piggy Owner in Victoria BC

    I have recently adopted a female piggy and her nails are SUPER long is there someplace in the greater victoria area that someone could recommend for a nail clipping?

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    Re: New Piggy Owner in Victoria BC

    I work in the Petsmart in Duncan, BC (about an hour from Vic) and we clip their nails. I think that if you asked one of the dog groomers nicely, they would clip the nails for you. I had one show me how to clip nails on the piggies. Thats the best they can really do though is show you and do a tiny trim. The quick (which you really don't want to cut) grows with the nail, so your best bet will be to gradually trim them down to a reasonable size over a couple weeks. (:
    Best of luck!



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