Recently, my beloved piggy (Snicker-snack the Vorpal Pig). For the last couple of years of her life (she lived to be almost 8), she was housed alone due to a combination of finances and her oddly anti-pig temperment (she honestly seemed to prefer human company to other pigs). She was the last of a group of females I'd been keeping (with her as a late addition) since 2007.

I am now to the point where I want to hear singing from the old cage again and am searching local shelters for pigs in need of a good home. As it happens, there only seem to be adoptable boars at these shelters.

I know that I two unaltered boars can live together so long as they don't have a female to fight over.

The cage (which is plenty big) has only ever housed females and done so for almost 10 years. Is there going to be too much remaining female scent (even after cleaning) that they'll think there is a female there and start to fight? Is thouroughly cleaning the cage and area with bleach necessary/enough to prevent that from happening? Cage is plastic bottomed (filled with bedding) and coated metal bars with two levels and a "pigloo" hidey-space, in case that matters.

Also, if I do end up getting boars, is there anything else I should know about caring for them that is different than caring for sows?