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Thread: Which indoor cage is cat proof?

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    Which indoor cage is cat proof?

    Hello. I could really do with some advice. We have recently got a cat so changed from a c&c cage to Ferplast Rabbit 100 cage thinking this would be more secure which it is. Only on the first day I found our cats paw fishing through the bars to get the guinea pigs :-( we quickly relocated the cage in a secure room but I still don't feel happy because if someone one day forgets to close the door the guineas are at risk. I also don't like the idea of them being shut away. Can anyone recommend a cage approx 100cm wide that has narrow bars that won't let curious paws through. Thank you!

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    Re: Which indoor cage is cat proof?

    The Ferplast 100 rabbit cage is way too small for even one pig, much less two.

    Why don't you build a cage out of closet shelving? Easy, and inexpensive.

    Also, the cats will eventually give up.

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    Re: Which indoor cage is cat proof?

    The Ferplast cage, from what I understand, seems like it is a bit too small. It would take a lot more grids, but I would suggest doing a c&c cage but use the grids in a way that they overlap. When you do this, the holes are half the size. That way the cat's paws can't fit in it, and you can still have the needed space and ventilation that a c&c cage provides. The downside to this is that it takes twice as many grids as a normal c&c cage.

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    Re: Which indoor cage is cat proof?

    It is natural for cats to be curious, the paws most likely didn't even have their claws out. bpatters closet shelving cage is the best bet with the lid being made out of the shelving too. Just make sure to have the sides of the cage cut to equal 28 or 29 inches and make the lid out of the heavy duty 16" wide shelving. The lips of the shelving will over the edges of the cage.

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    Re: Which indoor cage is cat proof?

    Is the cats fully adult or a kitten? We have 3 cats and only one was a kitten when he was adopted but two love to go in the cage. The last one adopted sits on the hermit crab aquarium and sleeps and watches the pigs but never tries to get in the cage.Click image for larger version. 

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ID:	80774Andy and Paul love the pigs! Paul loves the hay more.Click image for larger version. 

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    Re: Which indoor cage is cat proof?

    I would use the c & c cage with a cover and use a high table. I have 4 cats and they have never tried to get into or around the cage. My table is a little under 3 ft high from Ikea and holds a 2 x4 c & c cage with no other room for an animal to sit on the table. I got it from iKEA only $30 plus another $60 for legs



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