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Thread: On the hunt for Agrisorb Hemp Bedding

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    Question On the hunt for Agrisorb Hemp Bedding

    I've heard the best disposable bedding is Agrisorb Hemp Bedding but I can't find it at the produce, one offered to special order but I need to make sure I'm not paying too much also if they ship and add that if there is some locally. Anyone in the south brisbane/Logan area get it? How much do you pay and how many KG do you use for your sized cage. I have two 2x6 cages with 8 cutie rescue piggies all up.
    I've had to pick up some back-to-nature paper pellets ($15 for 30kg at pet barn) while I'm having washing machine problems but I've heard they are not as good as hemp. Thanks for any help

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    Re: On the hunt for Agrisorb Hemp Bedding

    Hi blacky you can find agrisorb hemp bedding at . I live in the gold coast area and pay $25 shipping so you might be looking at around the same shipping cost i pay $59.50 shipped for 15kg makes 170L

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