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Photo Contest is BACK!

I noticed when I came back to the forum that our wonderful contest kinda died. After talking with @bpatters and @CavySpirit, I decided to take on the wonderful world of photo contest management.

So lets start off with some small reminders:


1. ONE IMAGE per CONTEST. IF you submit more than one, it will be removed and you may be sanctioned.
2. It must be a picture TAKEN BY YOU. You MAY NOT SUBMIT anyone else's image. Bottom line, you must own the copyright to the image.
3. It's okay to Photoshop your image as long as the guinea pig is still recognizable as your pet

For more on the rules and the prize:
PLEASE READ them before entering.

The date we are accepting entries will be June 27, 2016. I will be posting a thread with the title: Nom Nom Piggy
For Past themes:!

I look forward to seeing all your piggie photos. IF you want to suggest some photo theme ideas, post in the theme thread. I'd love to hear your ideas!