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Thread: My pigs never make any noise

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    Feb 22, 2016
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    Careless My pigs never make any noise

    My pigs never make any noise. They hardly ever wheek or chatter. They'll chirp a tiny bit when they get outside time and i'm petting them, but other than that, they are mostly silent, they are two girls named Cookie and S'mores.
    Is it odd they do this? Should they be making more noise? Do they need another pig friend?

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    Re: My pigs never make any noise

    Perfectly normal. And no, they don't need another pig. It would be ok to add one if you've got plenty of room and enough money for additional veggies and vet bills, but it's not necessary.

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    Re: My pigs never make any noise

    One of my boars is very quiet, until a month ago I had never heard a peep out of him. (My other one on the other hand makes up for his quietness).

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    Re: My pigs never make any noise

    I have a pig who never squeaks or anything, not even when he's given food. It's normal, but it's also normal if you have a loud pig.

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