I have two guinea pigs and a few questions.
1.) I read that you should give alfalfa pellets to slim piggies and timothy pellets to chubby piggies. I have one of each! What should I do?

2.) One piggy is older than the other by a couple of weeks (I don't know exactly how many). When feeding time comes around, Patch (the older one) rumble-struts around the food and eats as much of it as possible as fast as he can. Then the little one (Chester) hides until the Patch is done. Whenever we try to feed Chester his own food, Patch comes over making this huge fuss and rumbling. He tries to snatch the food right out of Chester's mouth! I try to hand-feed Chester outside of the cage, but I'm not sure if he is getting enough. He's still way slimmer than Patch (When we got Chester, he was really young and malnourished.) and I'm afraid that Patch is getting too fat! What can I do?

3.) Chester likes to hide under his blanket all day if we let him! He will just sit and sit, not even getting up to use the litter box. Sometimes his bottom will become soaked with urine. I try to take away the blanket now and then, because when I do he is livelier for awhile. But just for awhile... then he goes back to that same corner and continues to sit, even without the blanket. Can this be because of the weather? It has been getting cooler, but the house is not cold and their cage is not on the floor. What can I do?

Thank you so much!