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Thread: Not Allowed to be Vegan!

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    Question Not Allowed to be Vegan!

    Hello! I'm very young and still live with my parents, but I want to be vegan. They claim it's unhealthy and expensive. I'm turning vegan the second I turn eighteen. What can I do to save animals in the mean time?

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    Re: Not Allowed to be Vegan!

    Look into buying cruelty-free products. Even if you're not allowed to go vegan 100%, you can still add more vegan and vegetarian dishes to your diet, especially if you already do a lot of your own meal prep.

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    Re: Not Allowed to be Vegan!

    Do your parents think being just vegetarian is unhealthy and expensive? Maybe you can start with being vegetarian. Try to make small, subtle changes so you're parents aren't so shocked by an extreme change. If you get to make any food choices, like what snacks you get from the store or anything like that, you can choose vegan options. Even cookies come in vegan varieties. Choose vegan breakfast cereal, vegan pasta sauce, etc. But don't make it obvious that's what you're doing (For example, oreos are vegan, I believe. Switching from a chocolate chip variety to a "stealthily" vegan kind like oreos could go unnoticed and unchallenged by your parents.) Every now and then try to introduce something new to your diet, like tofu. Can your parents really say tofu is unhealthy and expensive? If you get an allowance or anything you could buy a few things here and there. After a while your parents might just think "oh she just likes tofu" or whatever, and they might not see it as something crazy and weird. Gradual, small changes that go unnoticed could be the way to go!

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    Re: Not Allowed to be Vegan!

    Try convincing them to let you eat vegetarian to begin with since they might be more willing to work with that, at least that way you can cut out some things from your diet. If you get an allowance or maybe you can find a small job to earn money like a paper round. You could then buy your own tofu and meat substitutes and just cook them yourself to go with whatever meal your family is making or if you earn enough you could just make your own meals. You can't expect others to make vegan food for you or even buy it for you but you can try to take steps to provide these things for yourself. If you're really young and that's impossible or they won't even let you do that, try doing a lot of research online, gather articles and videos and make a presentation. Sit your family down and present your arguments and explain how important it is to you and you hope they will at least try to work with you to find compromises. Vegan diets aren't more expensive, especially if you cook in bulk. If worst comes to worst you'll have to wait until you're 18 but you will still have opportunities to make choices to lead a vegan lifestyle even if your parents force you to eat certain things. Any effort and changes you make counts.
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    Re: Not Allowed to be Vegan!

    A great way to help animals in the mean time is to volunteer at your local animal shelter I have done it before and it's great caring for all the animals and knowing you're helping out.



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