Hi Guys,

So I took my gal Athena to the vets last night, since earlier that day she had started to sound like she had a blocked nose, which was worse after she sneezed. She wasn't doing it a lot, I only heard her do it twice, and she has been completely normal with eating, drinking, and pooping, but I took her anyway just for piece of mind. The vet checked her out, and said she didn't have any crackling in her lungs or fluid coming from her nose like a usual URI, but her right lung was very mildly irritated which isn't typical for a URI as usually both are irritated, so she suspects it might be something else. She gave us some antibiotics (baytril) to take home so we could decide if we wanted to give them to her (which we have), and told us to come back in if she got worse, or otherwise go back in for a recheck when she finishes her antibiotics in 5 - 7 days. However, in the last two weeks we have recently started using kiln-dried pine shavings as part of their bedding. Could she just simply be having allergies with the pine, or did we catch a very early URI?

I'm just curious as our other 12 pigs have absolutely no problem with the kiln-dried pine shavings, and if she was having allergies to it wouldn't we have picked it up earlier? Where we live has also had a cold snap recently that happened quite quickly with a lot of rain, so could that have contributed in some way too?

I'm just being a worried parent here, but I'm curious to what you guys think as I don't have much experience with pig allergies or URI's!